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Hey everyone!

Well this week we had two excursions outside of Bonn. The first was to Aachen on Thursday. The second was to Cologne again on Friday.
Once again, I cannot impress upon you how amazing Cologne Cathedral is to me.

But first Aachen.
It is an old town, founded by Romans. They used the hot springs there as a place of rest and healing. The sulfur water does that. Heals, I mean. Not taste gross at all. We all took a sip from the old fountains and let me tell you, I actually would prefer all my water to taste like Eggs.


But besides the foul water, Aachen was pretty uneventful. We went to the University there and saw some of our professor’s students’ work. And while they were very impressive, it had been a long day, and I get fidgety around random people.

Cologne is a beautiful city. Which is sad because it means I have done exactly what I hate doing on trips, and why I end up uploading so little photos to the net. I take pictures of inanimate objects. As hard as I try, my pictures often end up having very little of my friends in them, or if they do, then there backs are turned taking a picture of what I just finished taking. Captions read: ______ taking a picture.

Very exciting.

Speaking of cameras, mine is draining batteries like trucks drain gas. I think I will end up having to shell out some cash for new rechargeable ones.

Ok, sorry for gripping.

The best part about today was getting to climb up Cologne Cathedral. I was able to climb to the top. It is amazing up there. Cold. Very very cold. But so spectacular.

Here. I wanted ya’ll to see this.

It is my new profile pic.

I was awed. We also got to climb up to the tristory (or clerestory? I forgot which) and see the inside of it from close up. But those pics didn’t turn out well because of the light.
So even though it was a cold, tiring day, it was a good one. (When I say cold, it was below zero most of the day. With wind.) We also went to a chocolate museum. And got to explore Cologne a bit more. It’s a fun place to hang out.

Oh! And I tried some Currywurst. Excellent stuff.


PS: My first album is up on facebook. Check it out there.
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  1. Anonymous On February 1, 2009 at 11:39 PM

    Ah yes, the Romans and their Baths! Oh but was there any original architecture? Could it have survived that long?

    Also, yay that you’re wearing the scarf I knit you (the “Matt-proof” one)! And a chocolate museum!? I hadn’t heard about this! OMG! Was there chocolate that was over a hundred years old? Sculptured chocolate? Ancient chocolate making machines? Wonka in a glass case! XD I have no idea what I’m saying, and I wonder if it was a literal chocolate museum…Were their chocolate raccoons (those North American exotic animals X3)?

    Anyways! Keep posting pictures!

    I love you, and stay safe!